Equipment facilities

Equipment facilities

The microwave department is equipped with state-of-the-art microwave CAD software, measument equipment, machining machines for microwave planar circuits, devices and subsystems for prototyping and testing.

 Most of this equipment is available for collaborative work

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High frequency antenna automatic machining in foam technology

Microwave tests and measurement equipment

  • Many network analysers: Anritsu, Agilent, etc.
  • High frequency anechoic chamber 

S parameter measurments up to 110 GHz

S parameter measurements up to 110 GHz

Microwave prototype machinings

These equipment facilities are part of the optimo platform. Please click on the following link :

CAD Software

3D electromagnetic analysis CAD Sofware with up to date versions

State of the art 3D electromagnetic analysis CAD Sofware with up-to-date versions

  • High level industry standard RF & microwave circuit and signal simulators for the design of high frequency integrated circuits (co-design signals/analog/RF/EM)
  • EM software based on the most efficient implementations of rigourous or asymtotic numerical methods like finite element (FEM), moment method (MOM), TLM, FDTD/FIT, Physical optics (PO), Diffraction theory and Ray tracing (UTD)
  • Radio coverage and Channel modeling for outdoor and indoor EM propagation
  • Numerical simulations with self made algorithm implementations
  • Institut Carnot Télécom & Société numérique
  • Université Bretagne Loire
  • Institut Mines-Télécom